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Photography & Modeling Agency

Ms. Ray Marshall, CEO

O RAY MODEL AGENCY is a private international modeling agency originally based in Washington DC. 


Here at O RAY MODELS we only represent strong, confident, models with natural beauty.  We focus on building portfolios geared toward Fashion modeling, Beauty Modeling and Commercial Modeling. Absolutely no Nudity or implied nude photos are permitted at this agency. Each O RAY MODEL is required to be able to pose naturally & comfortably in front of the camera while changing their facial expression simultaneously. Models must have a shining personality because we also cast our models for videos,  TV and movie roles. Each model must be a role model with a kind, humble and polite personality. 

Models are cast for photo shoots, fashion shows, fashion look books, editorial magazine spreads, live promotional event modeling and advertisement pertaining to the beauty industry. 


Models interested in testing with O RAY MODELS AGENCY must submit  2 photos. One close up photo  with no make up and one full length photo to


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